A Reunion

“One of the things that makes Broken Mouth Annie special is that it’s style is hard to categorize. Fiddle and acoustic guitar are fundamental parts of the sound, but they’re not part of the army of bluegrass-tinged acoustic rock bands currently marching around the nation.
There’s a punk element to what BMA does. There’s also lots of melody and a variety of moods, from contempletive to rowdy and beer-soaked.”
– Sam McDonald, Daily Press music reporter

Loud, soft, repeat.

Broken Mouth Annie graced us for a third time in the kitchen! Listen Here

Welcome Break: Here We Go

Brett B Ribblett – J-e-s-u-s
Opus 99 – You Go Glen Coco

2nd Break: Broken Mouth Annie #1 (Consequence of Living, A Good Whole Step, I Know You Know, Look at You, Pressure Suit, La Fin du Monde)

Give Way – Silver Lining
Great Minds – Won’t You Come Back
Radflux – Shadrach, Meshach, Etc
Schizzy Trill – Break Yoself Freestyle
The Great Dismal Swamis – Sickle Cell

3rd Break: Broken Mouth Annie #2 (Family)

Celebrity Jeopardy – Running
Furious George – Jami Lee
Gone – By Morning
Keynote Speaker – T.R.O.Y.
Time Ends – Cease to Exist

Goodbye Break: Learning…What’s That About?


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