Faster Kick in the Dick

Eat shit.

Die Faster. joined us in the kitchen today.

Listen Here

Welcome Break: DiMaggio sittin in

Copper & Stars – First Colonial
The Afterthought Stranger – Wait for Me

2nd Break: Die Faster. #1 (1.Originals 2. Pedestrian 3. Dissolve 4. Knowledge without understanding 5. Best example 6. Fall to new depths 7. Inspired by panic.)

Arctic Tiger – Beachhead Beauty
Great Minds – Eye for an Eye
Playground Run Around – White Walls:Death of the Dynasty
Rhino Cerous – From the Fall
The Great Dismal Swamis – Pole Position

3rd Break: Die Faster. #2 (Positive Hate)

The Specs – Love You, Mean It
Andy Leeming – Running Away
Cordova – S.L.A.P.
Knife Creep – Blood in the Street
Wrist Rocket – “You Wouldn’t give a crippled crab a crutch”

Goodbye Break:What We Learned Today


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