An Eyeronic MESSAGE

Eyerone aims to relate to the “Average Joe” while maintaining a commercial feel. His rhymes have been described as “no-frills”, “authentic”, and “true to life.” With a passion for wordplay & storytelling, Eyerone strives to take hip-hop listeners & fans alike back to a time in Hip Hop where things were “normal” and felt “right.”

Eyerone came to jam in the kitchen!

Listen Here

Welcome Break: Away We Go

The Pornados – Born Into It

Pelican Johnny – Happy Tonight

2nd Break: Eyerone #1 (One Time, EXTRAORDINORMALMOOD, Saddity, 7Five, Better Than Nothin’, Victim of the Bullshit, The Drive, Unfamiliar Places, Debt, Surrender, Peace of Mind)

 Death Valley Rally – Come On
Fugitive9 – Let Em Rock
You’re Jovian – Believe In Me Lucky
The Nerve Scheme – Hot Fudge Monday

3rd Break: Eyerone #2 (GTA V and Tweets)

Andy Leeming – Wretch Like Me
Great Minds – Leave
Schizzy Trill – Love Dependency II
Slow Dance – Close Encounters
Sunny & Gabe – Statue

Goodbye Break: What We Learned Today


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