Crossover, I Choose You


Spreading good music in a world that doesn’t have much

Crossover came back!

Listen here

Welcome Break: On Time-ish

Black Book – Done and Done
Soulstice Reb’l – High Life

2nd Break: Crossover (grandfather time, LND, recess (Mario mix), Das wuten remix, Audio biography, life is good, next gear, no concept, Noi$3)

The Gloom! – Ghost Story
Death Valley Rally – I Can See You Clearly Now
Turncoat Syndicate – Liar
The Afterthought Stranger – Steady Now
The Daycations – Tuesday

3rd Break: What Can We Do?

LaRon Bishop – My Love Song
D-Vour Mics – Junk Food
Fugitive 9 – Research Chemicals
The Young Anthem – Caritas
You’re Jovian – Fuck You Too

Goodbye Break: What We Learned Today


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