A Revolving Magical Thriller

A Newborn Thriller is on the tonal forefront of the ever-growing indie scene in Virginia. With the current line-up being only together for a few months, they have accomplished so much in such little time.

This week A Newborn Thriller joins us in the kitchen!

Listen Here

Welcome Break: Everything Smells Like Patchouli

Kevin Doughty – The Whiskey!
Dance Party Armageddon – Sunshine Dust

2nd Break: A Newborn Thriller #1 (Steamroller, Dreamers, Titans, Sleep, Gravedigger, Twister)

The Nerve Scheme – Sorry,Thanks
Crossover – LND
Turnover Syndicate – Parasite
The Framers – She Starts the Fights
The Dahus – Glitter and Gold

3rd Break: A Newborn Thriller #2 (A Tight Band)

The Specs – Get in Line
elocine – This New Ocean
Fugitive 9 – Scantron
lifeboat! – The Strongest
Mark and the Derelicts – The Facebook Song

Goodbye Break: What We Learned Today


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