The Dahus Will Do Yous



The Dahüs is an alternative rock band that formed in Norfolk, Va. in 2011. The bands style of music contains a range of elements, including indie rock, grunge, progressive rock, and surf rock. Laced with poly rhythmic beats and endearing lyrics, the band pushes the genre’s limits while staying loyal and dedicated to musicianship.

At long last, The Dahus have joined us!

Listen Here

Welcome Break: It’ll Be Somethin

JJ and the Buzz – Porch Honkey Central
The Purge – America

2nd Break: The Dahus #1 (Marceline, Lucky You, Wicked, Wiley Coyote, Urgency, Glitter or Gold, Stars,Stars,Stars, A Calling)

The Framers – Take a Bow, Caroline
Fugitive 9 – Rolled on the Thighs of a Virgin
lifeboat! – Change
The Daycations – I Want You (To See)
The Nerve Scheme – Under Construction

3rd Break: The Dahus #2 (Something Here as Well)

Crossover – NOIS3
Keynote Speaker – Hip Hop Junkies
Studs Up Tackle – Stand Together
Soulstice Reb’l – Thief
Top Gold – Mistakes in the Waiting Line

4th Break: What We Learned Today


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