Afterthought GayPorning

We’re a band based in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Our goal is to create aural feasts that fill the room with awesomeness.

Strangely enough, The Afterthought Stranger joined us

Listen Here

Welcome Break: Getting things done.

Forward Smash – B is for Biddie
Sniffing Glue – I Love a Zombie

2nd Break: The Afterthought Stranger #1 (Steady Now, Ismael, Shadow to the East, Wait For Me, The Compound)

William Carney – Steps
Black Book – Half Life
You’re Jovian – Voices Cary Cover
LaRon Bishop – Heart Race
6TA – Baby Eater

3rd Break: The Afterthought Stranger #2 (Gay Porning)

Dance Party Armageddon – Sunshine Dust
Andy Leeming – Adults
lifeboat! – Leaders Not Thieves
Slow Dance – Hunger
The Purge – Heaven

Goodbye Break: What We Learned Today


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