Look at Tonezee

failed rock star turned nerdcore rapper. http://tonezee.bandcamp.com/

This week Tonezee got to cooking!

Listen Here

Welcome Break: Old Man Fredo

Ace Puppy – Bambi
Pissghetti – Good Old Virginia Beach

2nd Break: Tonezee #1 (Almost Famous (Remix Intro), Fun Facts, Can’t Stop Me, Quest For Fame, Darth Vader)

William Carney – I Feel Good
Crossover – Funky Fresh Kick It Son
Bela Lugosi’s Ghost – Afraid
Fugitive 9 – The Dirge
The Dahus – Marceline

3rd Break: Tonezee #2 (Is that a WaWa font?)

The Specs – Is This A Party?
Dead Hummingbirds – I Hate Wearing Dresses
Death Valley Rally – One Night In Vienna
Keynote Speaker – Dirty Harry
lifeboat! – Waiting to Choose

Goodbye Break:What We Learned Today


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