Puppy Bowl of Chaos

Motion of Chaos disturbed the force of the kitchen with rock.

The brutal sound of Motion Of Chaos has been described as hardcore punk death metal, black metal, doom metal, deathcore and thrash http://www.reverbnation.com/motionofchaos

Listen Here.

Welcome Break: Something About Tomorrow

Rasta Miles – Right Here
Mammoth Indigo – God-Made Satellite

2nd Break: Motion of Chaos #1 (Riker ,State of Decay, Chaos Reigns, Make You Bleed, A Long Night at Camp Blood, Vile Vengeance)

The Nerve Scheme – Under Construction
Bela Lugosi’s Ghost – Fuck God (Hug a Christian)
Dyslexia and Sik Sense – Pepper Spray
Feral Conservatives – Golden Coast
The Afterthought Stranger – Shadow to the East

3rd Break: Motion of Chaos #2 (Puppy Bowl X)

Three of Coins – Anyway
Anniversary. – Endeavor
Keynote Speaker – Hip Hop Junkies
Stephen’s Hollow – White Harvest Moon
lifeboat! – Change

Goodbye Break: BYYYYYEEE


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