Yeah…..About That

So… let me first say, holy crap Sundays have been a lot of fun for the last 4 years or so. Most of our existence has included a live show on Sunday and meeting so many new faces of the great bands right here in Hampton Roads. Sometimes life gets in the way. While I’d like to say that’s the whole truth, it isn’t. The reality is, while the Sunday show was a lot of fun and just felt damn good, it was just way too much work for a two man team to be able to keep up with. We tried very hard to make it work and make it a worthwhile experience for anyone we came across. Here is a playlist of some of the bands that have played the kitchen. More will be added.

Eventually we will get back into throwing shows again. YMS Presents… shows really are a “life gets in the way” thing. Also a not getting responses back thing. It’s not my favorite thing that we aren’t doing any shows.

Some of the bands that came through the kitchen took pictures with us. Actually most did. These ones were ones that were loaded on the page already (I’m tired). The photo at the top was from a get together we had to celebrate 5 years of YMS a few weeks ago.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We aren’t done. Our show on Wednesday nights on will continue. We may or may not entertain the idea of doing a show similar to the Sunday ones in the future but until we find the right place and time to do it….we are going to take a break from it.  I’m working on writing a webshowish thing based on YMS, hopefully that will see the light of day. So I guess…

With all that being said…..aightchall. Tricky Dicky

Justin and D.J



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