Outta the Furnace and Into the Kitchen

OTF has emerged like a shot from a cannon with a new EP, and a new mission to drive home both harsh reality and shining hope in their music and lyrics. http://www.otfrock.com/

Outta the Furnace came into the kitchen.

Welcome Break: Congratulations

Manic After Midnite – Faces (Can You Tell Me)
Thomas McDonald and the Record Collection – Maps to the Future

2nd Break: Outta the Furnace #1 (I Won’t Quit, A Change is on it’s Way, Do You,Sirens, Route 17, City Without Laws)

Eyerone – Forgot About Me
The Kill Circuit – Search for Echoes
Galaxy Dynamite! – Moment of Impact
Keynote Speaker – Dream State
SICMaN of VA – Sic Ric

3rd Break: Outta the Furnace #2 (

R.I.O. – Live @ Eleven
The Muckrakes – Our Time on the Edge
Ace Puppy – Final
Fugitive 9 – Rituals
LINA – Nothing More


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