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Everything you didn’t want to know about YourMusicShow

Listen LIVE on 9:30 PM on Wednesdays

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Q: What is YourMusicShow?

A: YourMusicShow is a weekly podcast/radio show dedicated to playing music local to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Our goal is to help strengthen the local music scene and raise awareness of original local acts to both audiences and venues in the area and beyond.

Q: What will I hear on a typical episode of YourMusicShow?

A: Most epiosdes feature a local band/artist performing live and interviewing at the YMS studio, always with sets of local music played in between the live action. Witty and entertaining banter also plays a big role in the appeal of the show. Expect to hear updates on upcoming shows for the weeks ahead (Albert’s Corner), features such as “This week in local music history,” and ongoing sagas between the YMS crew.

Q: When can I listen to YourMusicShow?

A: Short Answer: ANYTIME! (see below)  Long Answer and highly encouraged: Tune in and listen to the live broadcast on Sunday afternoons. Most shows are at 2pm on Sundays, but once a month we broadcast at 12pm due to work schedules. Just come to and click play!

Q: So what if I can’t tune in? How do I listen anytime?

A: Subscribe to our show here and get updated as new episodes are posted. Or, you can listen to this week’s episode and past episodes on the Episodes page. And then there is the 24/7 local music streamer at the top left, you never know what you will hear but you can bet you’ll hear some local favorites!

Q: What else does YourMusicShow do?

A: In addition to the weekly podcast, YMS hosts monthly showcases called LET’S MAKE A SCENE! The shows are free and all ages and feature bands/acts that have previously performed on the podcast. Click here for more detailed upcoming showcase information.

Q: What genres of music do you play? What type of artists perform on your show and Showcases?

A: We are not limited to any genre and do not discriminate. Realistically, the majority of our music is in the wide scope of Rock N Roll, but we have featured Hip Hop, Acoustic, Solo, Metal, World music, and many other genres on the show. Check out theBands page for a listing of bands who have performed and been played. We’d love some Jazz and Classical to add to the mix!

Q: How can my band play live on YourMusicShow?

A: We have three fairly simple requirements to be eligible for performing live: 1) Your music must be original. No covers here. 2)You are based local to the Hampton Roads area. 3) You have at least one or two tracks of recorded music that you can send us so we can promote you before you perform on the show.

Q: How can I get my CD played on YourMusicShow?

A: We play all independent music, so if you are in a band send us a song (mp3 format) by or get in touch with us to send us a CD.

Q: Who is behind YourMusicShow?

A: The show is hosted by Justin Wilson and DJ Blake, two gents well versed in the local music scene. Many other cast of characters work behind the scenes and make regular appearances and there is always something interesting going on at YMS to talk about.

Q: What else?

A: The idea here is to change the way local music is perceived in the area and in doing so create our own scene that we can be proud to be a part of. It will take all of us and be hard, but it’s going to be a blast on the way up. LET’S MAKE A SCENE!!


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